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My New 70 Page Podcasting Report

One of the most common things I hear from folks that want to start a podcast is how confusing the whole process can be. Let’s be honest there’s a heap of stuff to think about – what equipment to get? what audio host to use? what the heck to do with an RSS feed? how to get into iTunes etc.

And for me personally when I re-discovered podcasting I found a lot of the information online either out of date (I loved 2005 but I don’t care to revisit it thanks) or completely over the top (spend $3000 on equipment – aghh yeah… I’ll pass!)

This is what motivated me to write a new 70 page report about podcasting for the absolute beginner right up to the pro.

This report is underpinned by my 15 year career as a #1 rating Radio DJ and inside I reveal some bone- crushing stuff like :

  • A heavyweight podcasting strategy that increased by blog traffic by 104% overnight…
  • The exact equipment I use to replicate the sound of ANY high level radio station…
  • The key steps to getting and doing a pro sounding interview….
  • My personal recommendation for the¬†easiest way to get a podcast on your blog and into iTunes

I’ve had some big name podcasters and bloggers pour over this report and they all come away saying the same thing “Wow!”

So go and grab your free copy over at my sister site now.

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