A Podcast Intro: Your Secret To Sounding Amazing!


Why do you need a podcast intro? Because most listeners make the decision to keep listening to a podcast in the first 5 seconds. And if what they hear in that 5 seconds sounds like something you’ve slapped together yourself using Audacity (or another free audio editing tool) then a big percentage of your listeners will jump ship!

==> The quality and presentation of the audio.

This is why podcasters hire me to produce their own tailored podcast intro and outro audio packages.

A podcast intro and outro is a professionally mixed blend of music, voice over and sound effects that gives your podcast credibility, authority and just makes it sound cool.

So if you literally want to grab your listeners by the ears and force them to take you seriously then I can help you with a tailored podcast intro and outro .

Here’s some examples of podcast intros I’ve done recently.

Podcast Intros:  Some Kind Words From My Clients…

“Absolutely LOVE this! I’ll be podcasting my socks off!” – James Schramko – InternetMarketingSpeed.com

“Love it, love it, love it! Awesome stuff!” – Fiona Lewis – MumpreneursOnline.com

“It grabs you by the ears and doesn’t let go. PERFECT!” – Jeff Gardner – Top99Agents.com
“Dan, that is absoluuuuuuuuutely MAGIC!!!!! I love it! You’ve bought a smile to my face!” – Alex – RapidCVWriting.com
“Thanks Dan – I LOVE it!” – Kris T Smith – My Menopause Fix
I’m really REALLY happy with it. Thanks a lot Dan!” – Greg Kellogg

Technical Terms:

Podcast Intro: A piece of audio (up to 30 seconds) containing music, voice over and sometimes sound effects that introduces you and your show. An intro is played at podcast introthe beginning of your show to set the theme and tone for the rest of your program

Outro: A piece of audio (up to 30 seconds) containing music, voice over and sometimes sound effects that you play at the end of your program. This is a highly effective way to leave a lasting impression on your listening audience and a great chance to re-inforce your brand.

Bumper: A bumper is a piece of audio (up to 10 seconds) that features music and voice over with the sole intention or giving the listening audience a call to action. For example, “go and check out my website for my free ebook”. A bumper is a very effective way to sell products or services from a podcast.

** Read below to see my 2 individual packages currently available**.

Gold (podcast intro and outro) Package *BEST SELLER*

In this package I’ll produce a podcast intro and outro featuring music, sound effects and a professional voice over.

All copy will be professionally written by me (or provided by you – whatever your preference) and voiced by local talent.

The intro and outro can be used on your:

  • podcast
  • webcast
  • videos
  • slide presentations
This package is ideal for podcasters who not only want their podcast to sound professional from the beginning, but also to sign off with something that’s equally as lasting.

To get me started on your podcast intro and outro then please email me at [email protected]


Diamond (intro, outro & bumper) Package

For $999, my diamond package is the best solution if you truly want to monetize your podcast and sell products or services.

As well as getting intros and outros with voice over, music bed and sound effects, the diamond imaging package also includes 2 bumpers.

A bumper is a carefully crafted piece of audio that drives listeners to an offer or website. 

Click play to hear a sample bumper:


Bumpers are particularly powerful if you want to sell or promote products or services during your show. When you start using bumpers in your podcast, you’ll discover they can bring in A LOT of enquires about your products or services:

podcast intro A listener email after they heard a bumper



What you get with the diamond package

  • 2 x podcast intro’s (we provide 2 different intro’s to keep you sounding fresh but ALWAYS on brand!)
  • 2 x podcast outro (giving you the choice of two to rotate where you see fit)
  • 2 x podcast bumpers (to promote your products / services / website).
  • 1 x clean music bed (this is the theme music for you package without a voice over so you can play it under your corporate videos etc).

Click the “add to cart” button and I’ll be in touch to produce your podcast intro & outro package within 24 hours to get started!

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