The most common audio file type podcasters use is the mp3. But I often get asked about Wav audio files. So let me clear some things up about both of these popular audio files.

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As I’ve been researching my upcoming podcasting report I’ve discovered two types of podcasters, those who:

  1. Record their podcast then put it through post production
  2. Those who mix their podcast ‘live’ .

Option 1 is the process of recording the main voice / voices of your podcast and then adding all the music beds, openers, closers later in post production.

Option 2 is the process of recording your podcast and mixing (or panelling) in music beds, intro’s and other audio AS you are recording. This is how a Radio DJ would normally present their show.

Now I’ve heard plenty of arguments supporting both styles of recording, but I want to tell you which way I like best and why. [click to continue…]