The Secret Benefits Of Recording Your Podcast And Editing It Later

As I’ve been researching my upcoming podcasting report I’ve discovered two types of podcasters, those who:

  1. Record their podcast then put it through post production
  2. Those who mix their podcast ‘live’ .

Option 1 is the process of recording the main voice / voices of your podcast and then adding all the music beds, openers, closers later in post production.

Option 2 is the process of recording your podcast and mixing (or panelling) in music beds, intro’s and other audio AS you are recording. This is how a Radio DJ would normally present their show.

Now I’ve heard plenty of arguments supporting both styles of recording, but I want to tell you which way I like best and why.

Most of the time I record my podcast then add all my additional audio (openers, closers, music beds etc) in post production – so that’s option 1.

But that’s not what I do in my job as a Radio DJ. No, at work  I put everything to air live. I know weird huh? What I do professionally is the exact opposite to what I do when I’m podcasting at home – well there is some logic in there somewhere.

So here’s why I prefer putting my podcast through post production instead of going live:

  • Editing in post lets me to produce a high quality product with all the unwanted bits (coughs, splutters, weird nasal noises) taken out.
  • Editing in post forces me to listen back to my own product to make sure I’ve communicated concepts clearly.
  • Editing in post takes the pressure off panelling or mixing any audio bits (no need to worry about bed levels, intro’s not firing off etc) which lets me focus on delivering my content.
  • Also, I think that producing a podcast this way can be a much cheaper option. Because you are using software to position production pieces it means you don’t have to run out and buy a mixer or extra computer which you could need if you recorded a podcast live. You really need just a good mic and a computer with some free editing software.

Now I’ve spoken with plenty of podcasters who say that “going live” has a certain energy that you can’t re-create when you are just recording your voice. For example your natural energy lifts when you’re talking over a music bed etc. I’d have to say I agree with this – but in terms of getting the overall sound of a podcast just right, I’d still lean towards recording your podcast and then sticking it into post production.

So, that’s just my experience on why I record like I do. I’d love to know how you produce your podcast and your reasons for doing it.

Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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