The One Podcast Directory To Rule Them All

So by now you’ve probably heard about the other podcast directories online and might think it’s a good idea to submit your podcast to all of them to try and snag more listeners.

Cool – because the theory for a long time has been cast your net far and wide and pull in as many listeners as possible.

Now this theory probably paid off a few years back but I’m not sure it still does. Just this morning I’ve checked out a bunch of smaller podcast directories that were ‘big’ a few years back and to me they just look pretty barren and lifeless (I’m just waiting for that bit of virtual tumbleweed to blow past).

Now I could be wrong, they might get a bit of traffic here and there but from my experience, nothing substantial. So the question is, is it worth still submitting to these directories to snag a bit of traffic? Cause it all counts right? Well let me answer with the theory of a very bright Italian economist.

Heard of the 80 / 20 principle? Let me explain how it works in relation to your podcast.

The 80 / 20 principle means that 80% of your results are achieved by 20% of what you’re actually doing. In other words, 20% of your hard work is giving you 80% of your results.

I know it’s kind of depressing when you finally ‘get this’, but once you do it’s brilliant at bringing things into focus. For example when I started podcasting I submitted my podcast to ITunes and started adding it to 30 other podcast directories thinking it would be best to cover all my bases. But when I checked out my Google analytics they told me that 80% of my audience come from ITunes. Amazing huh? This was the 80 / 20 principle at work!

The Worlds Best Podcast Directory - The ITunes Store

So at the risk of sounding like a revolutionary I’ll say it… as much as podcast directories sound like the right places for us podcasters to hang out, they are just not giving us the greatest results.

It was there in black and white on my analytics, directories were barely a blip on the radar but ITunes were serving up 80% of my audience! And it’s no surprise; ITunes are bursting with traffic. Just recently Steve Jobs announced that 160 million people have an ITunes account (these are the folks that have made purchases within the ITunes store).

And this number will only sky-rocket for each Apple device that they sell (remember the ITunes store is where you buy apps for your Apple device as well).

On top of that there’s the millions of people who just browse ITunes for podcasts, music, tv shows and movies without an account!

So with those numbers in mind and using the 80/ 20 principle, can I make a suggestion from my personal experience?

It’s time to get more results focussed. Don’t worry about any other directory BUT ITunes.

Now back to the 80 / 20 principle for a moment…

Once we know what actions are getting us the biggest results, if we really want to boost our success, just multiply that 20%. So in my case multiplying that 20% meant submitting more podcasts to ITunes more regularly. And I’ve got to say since doing that I’ve noticed a huge surge in my audience figures.

I encourage you to do the same and look forward to hearing how it impacts your podcast!

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