New Listener Voice-Mail Service For Podcasters

I’m always on the look out for new technology and widgets that I can integrate into my podcast.

So today, I wanted to quickly tell you about a new widget called speak pipe.

Speak pipe allows visitors to your website to leave a voicemail message for you. You can these take these audio files and embed them in your podcast audio. I kinda see it as the podcast equivalent of blog comments.

Here’s a few reasons why you should seriously consider utilising a service like speak pipe for your show, and why I’m going to roll it out across all of my podcasts.

1. Broader content delivery method

Whether you’re a solo voice podcaster, or you have a co-host, it can be easy to fall into the slump of producing audio content in the same way.  However, voice

The Speak Pipe Interface

mail from a listener allows you to introduce content in a new way. You might answer a question, get another opinion, or even air a compliment.

A common concern podcasters have is generating enough content for each episode. Including listener voice mails is a great way to allow your audience to assist in content creation, and who knows where that will lead?

2. Adds professionalism to your podcast

There’s a lot to be said for podcasts that use proven and tested  engagement methods from mainstream media (in radio for example, listener voices are regularly heard throughout typical station programming). Ultimately, a listener voicemail adds a voice to your audience and this only validates your credibility in the ears of your greater audience. Oh, and hearing foreign accents is also a great testament to how global your podcast is!

3. Easier interaction

Let’s face it, speaking is so much easier than writing. And in my opinion, one of the main reasons such a low percentage of people email podcasts / blogs is because of the effort required. But thanks to a service like speak pipe –  all you has to do is hit the big red record button and then talk. The audio file is then sent straight to your inbox – no fuss. Then just cut it up and paste it into your final mp3 file.

Hope that’s inspired you to think a little differently about your podcast! Get started on your free trial with speak pipe by clicking here.



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