Is Your Podcast Bringing You More Business?

Recently I was talking with a very successful online business owner who is also relatively new to podcasting. He’s been podcasting for his business for about 6 months and is really crushing it. He told me that he’s been able to sell thousands of dollars worth of products and services to his 1000 listeners within a matter of months.

This guy is a smart cookie when it comes to online business. He’s always thinking outside the box to attract new leads, prospects and clients. He’s what you’d call an internet geek (but a very, VERY wealthy one at that!)

So you can understand how I was intrigued when he told me of a new podcasting strategy he was using to increase the rank of his website in Google to get him more traffic.

But first let’s rewind a bit…

The Problem

If you’re like me you’re podcast sits on both your blog and in iTunes (and if you’re even more vigilant… in a number of additional podcast directories).Arguably this is the main way we disseminate our information as podcasters.

But if you asked the common Joe Blogs on the street what site they spend most of their time on sadly it wouldn’t be your blog and it wouldn’t be iTunes.  For most of us the site where we spend most of our time is “Google”. Every time I dive into a search Google is the first place I go.

Now here’s where things get a little technical. The big problem us podcasters face is that Google has trouble indexing audio (at least that’s what the boffins tell me J)

Unlike text, Google can’t send their automated spider (sounds scary huh?) out across the web to detect keywords and relevant content.

The Google Spider?

Nope, indexing audio would have to be done the old-fashioned way, actual people listening in real time.

Hopefully technology will catch up soon but in the meantime if we are just throwing up the audio of an episode then we’re putting a glass ceiling on how much traffic our podcast can drive to our site.

The Solution

This friend of mine told me that he takes his recorded podcast and has his entire episodes transcribed and then posts the transcriptions on his to help with his SEO.

Now I’m certainly no expert on SEO nor do I claim to be – but it makes sense that this transcription would be a virtual goldmine of keywords and authoritative and relevant content (two of the biggest things that get Google to give you a better ranking and hence more listeners).

To get something transcribed means somebody literally typing down every word that is said, so in the case of your podcast it would look like a podcast script (don’t worry you don’t have to do it if you’re breaking into a sweat — keep reading:)).

Outsource The Hard Stuff

Now if you don’t fancy transcribing an entire episode of your podcast yourself (personally I could think of nothing better than single finger typing for 8 – 10 hours) then perhaps you could outsource it.

There’s great sites online like odesk and vworker where you can get a virtual assistant to happily transcribe (and they type like the clappers) it for you for less than $5 an hour.

…Oh And Another Thing

Oh before I forget another excellent business benefit 0f transcribing your podcast means that you can also use it as a bribe to collect listener emails,  “for a full transcription of todays episode go to my website and leave your email and you’ll get instant access to this week and our entire back catalogue of transcriptions.

It’s an excellent way to build your marketing list and create a loyal fan base of listeners in the process.

I hope that you are really maximising every opportunity that your  podcast can provide!

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Jeremy Sarber January 10, 2012 at 12:46 pm

Transcribing podcast episodes is a great idea. I’ve been doing it for a few months now and it’s made a world of difference as far as Google is concerned. Plus, I’ve worked out mutually beneficial arrangements with other bloggers so I do not have to pay for them. I allow them to drop ads into the transcript when it’s posted to the site in exchange for their transcription services. I provide them the raw transcript as it’s dictated by the computer and they do the rest. It has worked out great.


Dan January 10, 2012 at 10:03 pm

Hi Jeremy – great to hear from you! I really love that idea of dropping ads into the transcript. Wow great thinking outside of the box – nice work!


Chirag May 11, 2012 at 8:31 pm

Hi Jeremy,

That’s a great idea. Mutual collaborations work the best .. you get the transcript and they get free publicity on your awesome blog. We have been thinking of starting a podcast very soon and would love to learn from your experience.

You mentioned in your reply that “it has made a world of difference as far as Google is concerned.” I am not surprised hearing that. However, do you have some numbers (visits, traffic, avg. viewing time, bounce rates) to back it up? The reason i am asking is that if you have those, i would love to write about it and feature your story on our blog to show how massive difference it can make in terms of analytics metrics and why so many great podcasters are not using this gold mine right now.

Would love to hear from you!




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