Interview With Jay from Internet Business Mastery

When I gave up my Radio career I felt as though I had the support of two very good friends, two friends who I’d never actually met.

Weird isn’t it?

That’s because these two guys are the hosts of The Internet Business Mastery podcast, Jay and Sterling.

And they felt like friends, because when I came home after a hard day at work and needed some inspiration, encouragement or a laugh, I knew I could dial them up on my iPhone and listen to their podcast.

This is the incredible influence of a real podcast at work, and illustrates the powerful engagement it can create.

Jason Van Orden :: pondering podcasting, "hmmmmm"

Both Jay and Sterling are entrepreneurs who make a living helping others escape the 9 to 5 with an online business.

So when I met Jay at a conference and he agreed to come on my show for a chat, I was really looking forward to it.

Jay is an expert at podcasting, and he shares a bunch of really cool stuff that’s helped him create a podcast that’s the foundation of a highly successful business (he built a six figure business from podcasting alone).

Click play to listen, and if you like what you hear I’d love a kind review in iTunes – thank you.

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