How To Avoid Lazy Podcast Content With A Simple Question

I recently got an email from my radio station content director that encouraged me to think more about the way I create content for my listeners.

As I radio DJ I prepare 6 original 2 minute pieces of content each day for my three-hour radio show. And when it comes to producing this amount of fresh, original content it’s not always easy. As you’d know, original thinking becomes tougher when deadlines are looming and there’s no deadline like “I’m on air in 2 minutes….aghhhhh!”

But for those of us who face this type of pressure, we find a way to make it work. We tread the same familiar tracks, rely on the same well-used resources, go back to the favorite websites and in turn deliver the content in the same old way.

But that’s ok cause it’s still content right? Yes but if I’m honest, it’s not brilliant content.

I’ve spent the past week being inspired by an email and I wanted to share it with you in the hope that it’ll do the same for you. The email talks about two important words that as content creators and podcasters we should always ask.

The two words are….

“What Else?”

  • What else does my audience need to know?
  • What else can I teach here?
  • What else can I do to give more value?

What else?

Ask "What Else?" To Get More

Asking what else is like attaching the dynamite stick to the blast door. It explodes the mental barrier (that may be subconscious) so that we can create unique, valuable, stand apart content. And in the past week I’ve asked “what else?” and I’ve had incredible results.

When a major TV star was filmed stripping in Las Vegas and it was front-page news around the country, instead of just reporting on the news I asked…

What else?

Within an hour I had this major TV star on the phone talking to me on my radio show (I was one of the only press outlets in the country to get him on and talking).

This just shows the power of “what else”. I chose to push through the comfortable, the easy, the stock standard and that’s when I got the good stuff. Make no mistake about it, asking what else WILL mean more work, but that could also mean more of a payoff. Could be more listeners, subscribers, referrals etc.

Now, here’s the kicker. Like all inspirational stories there must be a villain. If what else is the superhero  then the villain is, that’ll do. I’m sure you’ve met that’ll do, he’s the screaming voice in your head when you’re halfway through the marathon going “you’ve had enough, you’re tired, that’ll do”.

He’s also the voice that says “don’t worry about prepping for your podcast, just turn the mic on and talk…that’ll do….”

That’ll do is the mantra of the masses. If you want to blend in and be just like everyone else then that’ll do will serve you nicely. But if you want to stand head and shoulders above the rest ask yourself a different question. Ask what else? But be careful because as soon as you start asking yourself what else, you open yourself up to a whole bunch of possibilities. Be prepared to entertain the impossible and think on a much larger scale.

Plenty of big thinkers have asked what else….

  • After making the light bulb Thomas Edison asked what else? and created the first power system giving 85 New York homes electric light for the first time (residents were later furious when they got their first power bill – yeah thanks Thomas!)
  • Henry Ford asked what else and built the first afFORDable car for the masses that replaced the horse and cart and changed history….
  • Oprah asked “What else can make me stand out from all the other talk show hosts?” Then she started digging deep and revealing her personal struggles, transforming her into a TV megastar that everyone loved because they felt they really knew her.

So next time you’re creating content, ask yourself what else and see where it takes you. You might end up somewhere you didn’t expect but that’s half the fun!

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George Huss August 16, 2012 at 2:02 pm


Such a simple question that opens the floodgate to possibilities.



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