4 Tips To Better Quality Skype Calls For Your Podcast

Skype is a fantastic bit of free software that lets you make voice and video calls over the internet. Podcasters use Skype as an important tool that let’s them co-host with anyone around the globe!

There’s a lot of software you can use to record your Skype calls. I use ‘call recorder’ which is MAC software that you can get here. For PC users there’s a heap of programs and in the past I’ve found that Pamela is quite good.

One of the big issues with Skype can be getting good quality. Here’s four things that I’ve found can make a huge difference to quality.

1. Microphones

Make sure everyone on the call is using good quality microphones. If someone is using a inbuilt computer microphone then they’ll sound ‘roomy’ and ‘distant’ (this will affect the quality of the call). The only way to fix this is to upgrade the microphone to a basic headset or something a little more expensive like the Blue Snowball.

2. Update Everything!

Make sure you have the latest version of Skype for your operating system. This can make a big difference. Get it here. Also check that you have the latest drivers for your computer because they can affect Skype quality also.

3. Bandwidth

Because the quality of Skype is directly affected by your bandwidth, make sure you:

  1. Close all other programs that are downloading / uploading (torrent programs, installers, updaters etc). Even when running in the background sometimes these programs can force Skype to chugg along at dial up speeds.

Last week I was recording a call where the audio quality kept dropping to telephone standard. I fixed this pretty easily by cutting the video out of the call (making it just a voice call) and the quality picked up again in no time.

Now I know that video is a big help when you’re co-hosting, but for the sake of quality you might want to consider doing this. It’s also a good lesson in co-hosting as it forces you to be a better listener 🙂

4. Check Your Firewall

Make sure your firewall isn’t blocking Skype or parts of Skype.  There’s some good instructions for this here.

Skype is a fantastic bit of software that still amazes me, so make sure you configure it properly so you can always get the best quality first time, everytime.

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Steven Long October 2, 2012 at 2:52 pm


I was just wondering if there is a way with Pamela to export the recorded calls so that I can upload to them myself.


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