15 Fast Tips To A Better Podcast

Does your podcast need a facelift? Or perhaps you’re about to start a podcast and want to get things right from the ‘get go’. I’ve compiled 15 fast tips to a better podcast below.

  1. Record in a quieter room. Choose a room with carpet and curtains (they help deaden the sound)
  2. Upgrade your microphone. I recommend the Blue Yeti microphone. It’s broadcast quality and super cheap as well. Check it out here
  3. If you don’t already, consider editing your episodes in editing software like Audacity
  4. Add compression to your audio to even out the levels and get that pro sound. Get the levelator.
  5. Create cool sounding intros and outros for your podcast. Click play for an example here
  6. Consider getting a co-host to bounce off!
  7. Step out of your comfort zone and do more interviews with guests that your audience will find interesting
  8. Add equalization (more bass, more crispness) to your voice to make you sound even more like a Radio DJ!  (I’ve made a tutorial here)
  9. Consider a professional consultation session to really lift your game and take your podcast to the next level. Click here to find out about professional consultation
  10. Update your podcast artwork every 10 episodes to give your audience the sense of things being “fresh” and “current”.
  11. Try recording on location using field recording equipment like an Iphone or other portable recording device (ambient recordings can sound great)
  12. Produce a radio style documentary about something your audience will love and feature it on your podcast
  13. De-breath every second breath of your audio, to slicken up your sound
  14. Start releasing shorter episodes. (shave 5 minutes off your episode to tighten up your sound, yet still deliver on the content)
  15. Record first thing in the morning, or late at night (do the opposite of what you normally do) and listen to the difference in your energy results. Observe which time you sound your best and lock in a schedule
To get started on your own professional sounding podcast  download a copy of Dan’s new FREE report “Podcast Like A Radio DJ”. Get it here!

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