Using The Wikileaks Mentality To Make Podcasts

Over the last few months, I’ve watched the Wikileaks saga unfold.

Fronted by no nonsense Aussie Julian Assange, Wikileaks has leaked highly classified and sensitive government information from all over the world. It’s had politicians and even the most hardened Army Generals quaking in their boots.

I’ve had plenty of conversations about Wikileaks with friends and listeners of my radio show. To begin with my opinion was pretty black and white, surely there’s nothing good about leaking sensitive information that could start wars and damage important diplomatic relationships?

Well you wouldn’t think so, but millions of people support Wikileaks and want to make sure that they can continue leaking. So the question is why?

In my opinion the reason Wikileaks is successful with the public is because they’ve aligned themselves with the public. They’ve approached Joe Bloggs on the street and whispered “hey, you should really know about this”. They’ve deliberately defied the gag order of the “fat cats in the big house”.

In other words, Wikileaks have told you highly valuable insider information that you SHOULD NOT know. Kind of makes you feel privileged huh?

Now as podcasters I’m not suggesting we camp outside Hilary Clintons house and spy on her till we get some dirt (Bill’s a much easier target anyway!!).  But I think it’s worth looking at this technique of giving your audience ‘inside information’.

What is the latest scoop you have that could transform the way your audience thinks? Or does things?

Are you holding onto some information that could give them a huge advantage? Then don’t think twice…time to channel your inner Julian Assange….leak it!

Leaking insider information to your audience does a few things:

  1. Re-enforces your position as a thought leader (rogue, pioneer) in your field.
  2. Keep your audience coming back time and time again for more ‘inside information’.
  3. Turbo charges the trust factor behind you and your listener.

Leaking valuable information can have a huge impact on the relationship with your audience. But there’s a golden rule here –  the greater value of the inside information you give away, the more benefit you will see in terms of an increase to your audience and listener loyalty.

If Wikileaks leaked what Hilary Clinton had for lunch, then who’d listen to them, support them and throw money at them? But when they leaked that Hilary had ordered US diplomats to become a bunch of unofficial 007’s and spy on the UN then that totally changed the playing field. All of a sudden we’re talking about high value insider information and an audience that will support the continued release of it.

What I’m saying is when it comes to your podcast, don’t leak lame information, leak the stuff that’ll get people talking.  Your audience will love you, and support you for it!

Yours leakingly,


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