Podcasting For Business


Adding a podcast to your marketing mix is a powerful method for getting more customers.

So when it comes to podcasting for business or corporate podcasting – how exactly does it work?

Podcasting – A High Powered Marketing Tool

Essentially podcasting is a communication tool for your business. Right now you probably use the same old marketing tools such as your website, newsletter and email marketing. All of which work, but they aren’t without their problems.

Folks don’t always get to your emails because of the crazy over zealous spam filters. And visitors to your website don’t always come back because they get distracted easily and move onto something else.

But a business podcast allows a listener to consume your content as they are on the go – on their iPhone or portable device. Most of us multi-task which means that we do two or more things at the same time. This is where business podcasting really excels. Because it’s audio content it can be consumed anywhere (when you’re at the gym, driving the car, taking the dog for a walk etc.)

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Also audio content has a higher perceived value than just something like text (even though the message can be the same). This means that the listener will quickly perceive you and your business as the market leader right off the bat – which builds enormous credibility and authority into your business.

A Business Podcast Makes You The Market Leader

A Podcast Gives Your Business A Voice

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is thinking that people like dealing with them. How wrong this actually is.

In essence, a business is just a set of in-goings and outgoings, accounts, numbers, deadlines, goals etc. Hmmm not exactly the life of the party.

In reality people would rather deal with other people and not a cold, sterile business.

Think about it. People trust people not a business. They warm to people not a business. And putting yourself out the front of your business with a powerful podcast is a powerful way to build trust, credibility and authority (3 of the main ingredients to creating more sales). Without a doubt podcast marketing is one of the best ways to put your business in the spotlight.

Click below to find out what Business Owner Pat Flynn has to say about his business podcast:


The Exposure Is Mind-Blowing!

Having a podcast for your business can blast open doors for exposure and have an enormous positive impact on your business. It’s a relatively low cost platform (getting into iTunes is free!) and it’s an incredibly easy way to create content.

No matter what industry or business you’re in, you spend a lot of time talking about your business.

You probably even repeat yourself a TON.

Imagine taking all of that information, recording it, and uploading it where literally MILLIONS of people have access to it…for free!

Imagine all of sudden being found in the itunes store, and instantly being recognized as the expert in your industry!

If you want to position yourself as the expert:

– Realtor
– Consultant
– Chiropractor
– Attorney
– Fitness Coach
– Real Estate Investor
– Business Coach
– In literally ANY field…

You have to start a podcast.

See  the iTunes store (which is where all serious podcasters are featured) is a MASSIVE un-tapped traffic pipeline. In fact when I launched my last podcast in the iTunes store I was able to attract 350 new leads a day for my business!

iTunes Facts:

– It’s a search engine that also sells TV shows, music, movies, audiobooks etc.

podcasting for business iTunes

– There’s over 500 million iTunes accounts (that’s how many users are signed up)

– Each of these 160 million accounts has a credit card attached (this is big business! Find your audience in iTunes and they are ready to buy from you!)

– Every Apple device sold (iPhone, Ipad, iPod) must sync with iTunes before it can be used or it won’t work (so the more popular these devices are, the more popular podcasting gets!)

And it’s not just Apple either. These days the majority of phones and portable devices are optimised for podcasting.

Why Podcasting For Business Is So Important

1. Increase your marketing reach and help you dominate online (iTunes has over 160 million subscribers)

2. Sky-rocket your sales and conversions

3. Provide an open line between your business and clients

4. Position your business as a market leader and authority in your niche

5. Attract targeted traffic

The Bottom Line

The benefits of podcasting for business are endless. That’s why some of the worlds leading organisations regularly produce their own company podcasts – CNN, major newspapers, political parties, sporting teams etc.

Starting a business podcast has never been easier and 2012 is the year to do it! If you want to start podcasting for business then there’s plenty of services I offer that can help.

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