Podcast Services

Having a podcast can involve some work. That’s why I offer a number of podcast services to take all of the stress out of podcasting.

1. Consultation

One of the most popular services I offer is a podcast consultation. To find out more about this service then please click here.podcast services

2. Production And Editing

Another podcast service that I offer is a full scale editing and production service. So if you want a polished and professional sounding podcast then this podcast service is for you.

My team and I will personally edit all your audio and apply broadcast standard compression filters to give you that classic “radio sound”. To find out more about my editing and production service click here.

3. Podcast Course

Finally if you’d like to learn how you can become an expert at podcasting yourself, I have compiled my Podcast Like A Radio DJ Masterclass for you.

This course features complete video training that takes the complete novice and shapes them into a professional podcaster. To check out what this course can do for you click here

4. Podcast Intro & Imaging Production

If you’d like your own produced podcast intro featuring your own theme music and voice over then we can help!

Click here to find out about our different packages and listen to a sample of our work.

Talk To Us About What Podcast Services You Require:

Email Dan for a free 20 minute consultation about how we can help with your podcast – dan@howtomakepodcastslikeapro.com



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