My Portable Studio For The Royal Wedding

Just recently I found out that my Radio station is sending me to London to cover the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I’ve checked my passport and it’s still valid and as far as I’m aware, I don’t have any convictions so I’m ready to go! I’ll be there for a total of 7 days and will be on air for 5 of those. I’ll be doing my regular drive show from a studio in London that will then be beamed live back to Australia (I know crazy!)

I’ve got to admit I’m not looking forward to the time difference. Even though my show will still go to air at 4pm in Australia it means I’ll be doing it live from London from 6am. Nice.

But I shoudn’t moan, fact is I’m really looking forward to being on the ground during this monumental time. But in packing for my trip this morning I thought I’d share with you all the equipment that I’ll be taking on the road (during my show I will be broadcasting from some nice heated studio in the centre of London).

So here’s my portable studio that I take on the road and a few reasons why….


The flashmic is the world’s first digital recording microphone. As a Radio DJ when I go out on the road this has been an invaluable when I’ve done mobile interviews or red carpet events. When this puppy was first released it was fantastic. But to be honest, these days you can get a better recording out of your Iphone!

But the reason this microphone is good to take on a road is because it looks like a microphone. Sounds strange I know, but I find when interviewing people they expect to see a microphone and not an Iphone. I’ll be on the ground getting vox pops (a collection of opinions) from punters on the street so it’s the best option.

Also I have to admit it’s easier to rip the audio off this thing than mess about with my Iphone and ITunes. My preference would actually be a Zoom H2 so fingers crossed when my work decides to upgrade.



I love my Macbook. Ever since crossing over from PC’s several years back my whole computing experience has become a lot more enjoyable. As much as my work provide me with a HP laptop there’s no way in hell I’ll take that. It’s just way to unreliable and is crashing every other 5 seconds.

No thanks – I’ll take my Mac to take care of all my editing needs. I’m currently running Adobe Audition onboard. I use audition for all my audio editing, it’s so powerful and has some excellent plugins to treat my audio before I put it on-air.

If you’ve got a Mac and haven’t got audition yet, make sure you snap up the free Beta testing version.

It’s a very easy to use program and kind of reminds me of the million dollar version of Audacity. I also like the mp3 encoder that comes with audition. It uses a nice compression on the that means you come close to maintaining the quality of your wav files. This is really handy when I am sending some big audio files back to the studio in Australia. It’s also got a great multi track function if I want to do some more complex production.



I’m not taking my AKG’s or Seinhesser’s on this trip because I’m short on luggage space. So the best option for me is the headphones that came with my IPhone. Now I normally stay right away from earbud headphones, especially when I’m on air or podcasting but  for earbud headphones I have to say the quality of these Apple earbuds is great. Sure you’re not getting the full spectrum of sound but they do the job and do it well.

And because I’m only editing vocals, I don’t need to have a broadcast standard set of headphones for complex multitrack mixdowns. Oh and they’re great for the plane as well!

The great thing about all of this equipment is that it also makes a pretty portable podcasting studio. So if I decide to make a podcast in the hotel room one night when I’m there it’ll be real easy to do. So depending on how I cope with the jet lag I might do just that!


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Ann Hemmings April 15, 2011 at 10:26 am

That sounds amazing. London is going to be buzzing… please please please do a podcast from there. I would love to hear it!


Dan April 15, 2011 at 10:33 am

Thanks Ann, well I will try but like I say depends on the jet lag. Otherwise it could make for a very interesting episode!


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