Creating Powerful Podcast Content in 4 Easy Steps

The secret to creating truly captivating podcast content is to know what your audience wants and then serve it up!  A common mistake that I see content creators make is thinking that THEY are the ones to judge what’s good content or not.

Wrong. It’s the audience that judge the strength of your podcast content, not you. They do this by how many times an episode is downloaded, listened to, subscribed to etc.

I’ve made this mistake a bunch of times when I’ve posted a new podcast episode, thought it was going to go wild and it kind of….well….fizzled. But then other episodes that I thought were pretty ‘run of the mill’ went crazy. Weird.

Fortunately, podcast content creation isn’t a guessing game and there’s a couple of guidelines you can follow that should help you nail content creation each and every time (these are the same techniques I use every day to create content for my Radio show).

Get in the shoes of your audience

We need to know that our audience will love our content BEFORE we give it to them. So how do we do that if we’re not Nostradamus?

Stalk them.

Getting in the shoes of your audience is crucial


Well not in the hide outside your house in the bushes type of way, but much more discreetly.

  1. Trawl relevant forums on your topic and listen to what your audience are saying
  2. Read magazines that your audience read and look for repeating themes
  3. Visit websites they visit and keep your eyes open for the same questions, problems, concerns etc.
  4. Heaven forbid you could even talk to your audience and ask them!!!

Also it’s always worthwhile going through your previous content including past podcast episodes. See what got the most hits, which episode rated highest. This is your audience tapping you on the shoulder saying, “this was great – give me more”.

What we’re looking for is common themes, things that your audience as a collective are thinking, saying, doing etc. Now at this point think ‘broad’. Remember, this is where we cast the net out, not pick through the fish.

Say for example my research (blogs,forums, magazines etc) tells me my audience wants to know what the best podcasting microphone is – this is a good, broad theme that’s ready to be developed.

Brain dump EVERYTHING!

Find a quiet place, have a whiteboard or a big sheet of paper. Now write one of those broad themes in big bold letters in the middle.

Now start asking questions at the theme. What are my audiences’ problems with this? What can they learn about this? What equipment do they need? Who can I interview about this? What websites cover this stuff? What’s a common mistake that my audience makes with this?

When the ideas start to flow, get writing! Don’t judge what comes through, just get as much as you can out of the cosmic soup, as quickly as possible. Podcast ideas will come thick and fast so suspend any critical thinking here (it is important but we’ll get to that later).

To keep track of lines of thought, if one idea is related to another idea, link it with a line – much like a classic brainstorming session.

Pick through the fish

Now we should have a bunch of stuff written down. Even though it probably doesn’t look like it, these are all content ideas. Just like the big fisherman have to do when they haul in a net full of jumping fish, it’s time to pick through the fish ideas.

Ewwwww- here's your podcast content ideas. Start picking!

Go slowly and check each idea you’ve written down for relevance and usefulness. If you find a good idea stick it to one side, as for the others don’t be afraid to chuck them back into the cosmic soup (for another time when they are bigger and tastier!). Now we should have a bunch of ideas related to our greater theme, this is where we can put together the skeleton of an episode. This means pulling our ideas together and then assembling them into a logical order. Generally you’ll find that this is the most time consuming step, so don’t be afraid to spend a fair bit of time getting this right.

Decide on the best delivery method for your podcast

Once you’ve got the basic content structure of your podcast, time to think about the best delivery method for the content.

Just like there’s no ‘one size fits all’ pair of jeans, there is no ‘one size fits all’ delivery method for content. This is a common mis-conception that’s out there. Content lends itself to different delivery methods. Some content works best presented in an interview format, other content works better in a product review, and then other content thrives as a debate between two presenters.

This really is a vital step because the delivery of your content is almost as important as the content itself!

Remember to enjoy your next content creation session, the best ideas come when you are relaxed and having fun! All the best with it and let me know how you go.

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