5 Excuses Stopping Bloggers From Making A Podcast

1. It’s too hard.

I don’t know about you but I find it far easier to ‘speak’ something, than to write it.  And at a guess I’d say most people agree. If it were the other way round we’d spend all day communicating with each other through Word docs.

But I DO get the technical concerns about podcasting and agree … to a point.

In the early days of podcasting there was a bunch of technical junk you had to know just to post an episode, today things are so much easier.

Contrary to popular belief, basic audio editing isn’t that hard. Remember the Word document analogy I gave a moment ago? Right, well if you can use the basic features of Word you can already edit. Seriously – it’s true. If you know how to cut, copy and paste- then you’re basically there.

A great free bit of editing software is Audacity and you can get it for either PC or MAC.

If you’re already using a blogging platform like WordPress then using a podcasting system like Buzzsprout makes getting an episode out to the world childs play. After recording an episode of my podcast using this system, I can have it posted to my site and ITunes in less than 5 minutes.


2.  I don’t want the extra work. I’m already a slave to my blog.

I have a blog and I know how time consuming it can be. So instead of doing a podcast as well as your blog, why not just integrate a podcast into one? In other words, mix it up a little. Where you’d normally do a blog post, turn it into a podcast. You’re not doing any more work (content stays the same) you’re just using a different delivery method.

But for those up for a little extra work, (but not much) you’ve probably heard of the phrase ‘repurposing’. The basic idea is to take one piece of content and then distribute it on different platforms. In the Radio industry we call this cross platform content distribution. For example taking a video and turning it into an audio podcast by removing the audio track from the video, then having that audio transcribed into a blog post etc.

The end result is a video, an audio podcast and blog post that all say exactly the same thing, just on different platforms. Lot’s of really successful bloggers use this method to saturate the market with their content and brand.


3. I hate the sound of my own voice.

Voices are weird things. Few of us were born with golden tonsils so we have to work with what God gave us. But having been in Radio for over 15 years I’ve heard the best, of the best voices and after a while they can sound contrived and a little bland. I love unique voices because they bring personality.

You might be saying I’ve got a gravelly, nasally, deep voice… and I’m a female! How can anyone ever like listening to that?

Well case in point is Janice Long from BBC radio in the UK – she’s made a very successful career with her unique gravelly, nasally, deep voice. Take a listen – I love it!


The thing to remember is, the way you hear your voice compared to how the rest of us hear it will be dramatically different. You are listening to your voice through your ear cavities that are located just millimeters away from your mouth, so of course you’ll hear it in a different way (you are hearing it through bone, flesh, teeth and soft tissue). So I suggest you relax about your voice and learn to like it.


4. I haven’t got the gift of the gab.

The gift of the gab isn’t a real talent, generally it’s a bad habit and can cultivate a mediocre Radio DJ. Talking for the sake of talking isn’t a skill, it just shows that you’re able to open your mouth for long periods of time and make noises come out of it (I’ve seen baboons do this).

What you need to podcast well, is to be prepared, have notes and have some confidence. Have these three things and I think you’ll really surprise yourself. Also make sure your podcasting about something that gets you fired up, something you’re passionate about. If you were to find the shyest person in the room and ask them a question about a topic they are passionate about then they’ll talk for hours. This is what will give you the confidence to sit behind a microphone and talk – PASSION and not the ‘gift of the gab’.


5. Podcasting is an extra expense.

You might be saying “Dan I can’t afford to podcast, I’m too busy spending money on pay per click advertising and running a stack of Facebook ads and can’t spare any cash to buy podcasting equipment!

Although PPC advertising can be highly effective as a traffic driving mechanism, so can podcasting. The additional amount of traffic brought into my blog by my podcast continues to surprise me. Also one of the issues with PPC advertising is it only brings ‘cold’ traffic to your site. In other words, it’s traffic that doesn’t know you; don’t know if they like you, connect with you etc.

This is where podcasting is superior. Not only does it bring in traffic, but the traffic it does bring is WARM. They’ve listened to you, they like your content, they like you and they want more! They’ve decided to go to your blog because they want to, not because a carefully crafted ad convinced them too. There’s a big difference.

So you might just be better of spending that couple of hundred dollars on a decent microphone so you can start podcasting and see an increase in traffic right away! Oh and by the way that’s all you need to start podcasting – a decent microphone. This idea of spending big $$$ to get a studio is ludicrous. Everyday as a Radio DJ I am surrounded by equipment that’s worth millions. I can get very close to that quality for very little money. I’ve been using the Blue Yeti USB microphone. This is an excellent microphone and it’s only  around the $240 mark.

So I hope that’s helped inspire you to podcast, it really is an incredibly powerful medium and highly addictive!

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